REFUND POLICY- Dissertation-Help-Services

Dissertation-Help-Services.Co.Uk is renowned for offering exceptional academic papers at affordable and competitive prices. We deeply value our customers and strive to provide them with high-quality research writing services. However, if any significant disappointment or issue arises, we encourage our customers to request a refund under the following terms and conditions. We strongly recommend that all visitors and customers carefully read our money refund policy. DHS will promptly address all refund requests following the provided terms and conditions. Please review the following terms and conditions before initiating a refund claim with Dissertation-Help-Services.

1. Late Orders

The order was delivered past the deadline: We prioritise timely paper delivery to our customers at DHS. While we make every effort to submit work on time, unforeseen glitches may rarely cause a delay. If you encounter a late delivery issue, please get in touch with our customer support team to discuss the matter. Genuine reasons for order delays will be duly considered for a refund.

  • If the deadline has passed and the assignment is useless, we will assess the task and offer a full refund or provide store credits if the original content is not submitted. Note that this should be related to your selected deadline during order placement.
  • If you continue to use the material after the deadline, and your teacher has only deducted a few marks, only a certain percentage of the total amount will be refunded. You must provide evidence of mark deduction due to late submission when making the claim.
  • The refund claim process is collaborative, and you must ensure your timely response to our expert queries (within 12 hours of posting on the student portal interface). Failure to provide timely information resulting in a missed deadline will disqualify full or partial refund requests.
  • If the inability of our writing expert causes the delay, you may be eligible for a 20% – 50% refund of your order and the approved refund amount. Any deductions are made as the expert working on your research paper has been paid in advance.
  • We offer a refund only if we miss the original deadline of the dissertation. In a revision, a new deadline must be mutually agreed upon. No refund claims can be made if a revision deadline is not decided.

2. Low Quality of Paper

The paper does not meet standard requirements: While the quality of our papers is generally commendable, there may be instances where revisions are required. We offer a revision option and will only approve a refund if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The paper is found to be wholly plagiarised despite our checks through Turnitin. If you can provide authentic proof of plagiarism, we will offer a chance for revision. In cases where the deadline does not allow for a revision, we will offer a full refund or store credits.
  • The paper quality does not meet your specified requirements. We encourage you to avail yourself of free revisions until you are satisfied. We offer unlimited free revisions within 20 days, and after that, a refund will not be applicable if you choose a revision.
  • If you remain unsatisfied even after revisions, our QA department will assess the paper and determine the appropriate refund amount. However, if the paper has already been submitted further, a refund will not be applicable.
  • If you are provided with drafts, you must check the quality and notify us immediately of any issues. A refund will be issued if the identified issue is not fixed in the final paper and its overall quality is affected. However, no refund will be granted if problems are not raised initially and used for a refund later.

3. Wrong Charges

Technical payment issues: In cases of technical glitches resulting in double or additional payment deduction from your account:

  • Inform our customer support team immediately with evidence of the two receipts to enable a full refund of the additional amount.
  • If the issue is with the payment company, you will be advised to resolve it with them to avoid future double deductions.

4. Unavailability of Expert

Although highly unlikely, if the assigned expert is unavailable to help you and you have paid in full, we encourage you to place another assignment order for the equivalent cost.

5. Cancellation from the Customer’s Side

Orders can only be cancelled within 12 hours: If you change your mind about an order placed earlier, you can only cancel it within the next 12 hours after order placement. You must complete the assignment if the writer has already started working on it. You can request a full refund or store credits for cancellations within the specified time. Alternatively, you can order another assignment of equal value.

6. Not Getting a Desired Grade

Quality is guaranteed, not a specific grade: While we guarantee high-quality papers with perfect formatting, grammar, and structure, we cannot guarantee a particular grade. Grades depend on overall student performance throughout the semester/term.

7. Fail Grade Received on Assignment Work

Proof within 30 days: In the rare case of failing, you must claim a refund within the next 30 days, starting from the date of your submission. You need to provide proof of failure and your professor’s feedback within three weeks of receiving your ordered solution. We will verify the grading sheet and investigate the cause, whether it is related to low writing quality or inadequate reference solutions concerning the grading index and learning outcomes.

  • If any shortcomings are found on our expert’s part, we will process a 30% to 50% refund of your order. The customer support team will make the final decision. Refund requests placed after 30 days of receiving your assignment reference solution will not be entertained.

Refund Claim Method

To initiate a refund claim or dispute double charges, contact our customer support team promptly to take necessary actions. The refund claim must be filed within three weeks after the paper is delivered. We strictly prohibit involving any third party in refund-related matters, such as credit card providers, PayPal, or legal authorities.

Refund Period

The refund period spans 30 days, from the client’s order deadline until the last day of the following 30 days. Any claims made after the refund period will not be entertained.


Chargeback actions are strictly prohibited at DHS. Clients must contact our supportive and friendly customer support team to resolve any issues. Chargebacks may be considered fraudulent activity. Additionally, legal actions may be pursued if DHS suspects any wrongful advantage-taking of services.

Refund Processing and Finalisation period

The quality assurance department will take approximately 48 hours to analyse the order and provide reports for refund approval. We kindly request customers to be patient during this process. Once the refund is approved, the payment will be transferred within 48 hours.

  • Refunds are only processed if the terms mentioned above and conditions are met and the Quality Assurance Department approves the case.
  • *Full refund = 90% of the amount paid. A 10% deduction covers the transaction cost paid to the Payment Gateway Company and service charges./li>

Case Scenarios Where Refund Requests Will NOT Be Processed

  • No refund requests will be considered if the submission deadline of your paper is less than 48 hours.
  • We only process refund requests if the customer has been actively communicating with experts and provided sufficient learning material related to the assignment work.
  • Refunds will not be considered if the customer confirms and receives work after we miss the deadline.